Plant of the Month July- Luisa Plum


The Luscious Luisa Plum


This yellow fleshed plum is exceptionally sweet and juicy, with a distinctive shape.





  • Matures January / February.

  • Colour: Flesh is yellow and skin is yellow with a cherry red over blush, developing at maturity or in cool storage.

  • Size: Large to very large with small stone.

  • Shape: Unusually elongated, non-regular, heart shape.

  • Flavour: Exceptional, sweet and juicy.

  • Cropping: Heavy, precocious and regular.

  • Bloom/Pollination: Sets a crop in the absence of visible pollinators, but increased fruit set is notable with Billington or Freedom, present with highly enhanced crops being reported.

  • Tree Vigour: Medium to high. Spreading shape and ideal for single leader type training.

  • Protect from birds.

  • Largely resistant to bacterial spot and blast.

Kings best tips for deciduous trees

Just a reminder...

Kings extensive range of Deciduous Fruit and Ornamental trees are in-store now!!!


Here are our best tips for planting bare-root trees...

1. Keep the root system moist at all times. Wrap in wet newspaper, sawdust or heel into the ground and cover with soil until planting.

2. Plant as soon as possible after purchase.

3. Dig a generous hole, add Kings Organic Compost and mix with the soil creating a mound in the base of the hole.

4. Prune back any damaged roots.

5. Spread the roots around the mound.

6. Stake with strong stakes at planting to reduce possible root damage.

7. Apply Kings Citrus And Fruit Fertiliser to the soil around the tree drip-line in August, November and February for best growing and fruiting results.

What, you say, is a drip-line??? A plants' drip-line is the zone around the soil at the base of the plant where the rain water drips off the leaves onto the soil. Plants commonly produce masses of roots around this area to utilise the moisture. If you spread your fertiliser around this area the plant will get maximum benefit.