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  • Alocasia 'Lauterbachiana' In C 14Cm Alocasia 'Lauterbachiana' In C 14Cm

Philodendron Minima 14Cm


Syngonium 130mm

Alocasia 'Lauterbachiana' In C 14Cm

Product Code:210519
Alocasia 'Lauterbachiana' In Ceramic

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Alocasia 'Lauterbachiana' In Ceramic 14Cm


A stunning Alocasia that adds a tropical accent to your home.  A great container plant that can reach 1.5m tall.

Prefers bright indirect sunlight and warm temperatures.
Keep soil slightly moist, do not allow it to dry out completely.  Enjoys humid conditions, mist occasionally to avoid browning leaves in dryer conditions.
Fast growing, feed monthly over summer.


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Product Description Alocasia 'Lauterbachiana' In Ceramic
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