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  • Amaryllis 'Nymph' Amaryllis 'Nymph'

Amaryllis 'Royal Velvet'

Amaryllis 'Nymph'

Product Code:209251
Amaryllis - Splash

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Amaryllis - Splash


Amaryllis Hippeastrum are one of the most spectacular flowers. They produce massive blooms on 40-60 cm stems just 6-7 weeks after planting. This beautiful variety speaks for itself. Great for pots. Can be grown indoors and outside.
Pack size: 1 bulb per pack

In Pots:
Grow in any pot at least 20cm wide. Make sure the pot has drainage holes before planting.
Hold bulb over the pot so the roots hang into the pot, and the top just protrudes. Fill in around the bulb with Kings Potting Mix. Firm down so no air pockets remain
Be careful not to damage plant roots or bulb when planting.
Place potted bulb in a light warm position at room temperature
As first flora stems lengthen, rotate pot a half turn every day to help stop the stem growing towards the strongest source of light
Do not over water. Feed occasionally with Kings Fast Food Fertiliser
When flowering has finished and foliage is drying down, place the bulb and pot on its side in a cool, dry place.
Allow the bulb a well earned rest without food or water for 3 months. Afterwards remove the old foliage, wash bulb and repeat from the start again, or place in the garden to flower again in Spring.

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Product Description Amaryllis - Splash
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