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  • Eugenia Ventenati 6L Eugenia Ventenati 6L

Corokia 'Geenty's Ghost' 3.5L

Eugenia Ventenati 6L

Product Code:62921
Eugenia Ventenati

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Eugenia Ventenati 6L


Eugenia Ventenati

A new variety of ‘Lilly Pilly’ hedge, Eugenia Ventenati is incredibly fast growing, and forms a dense attractive hedge, perfect for increasing your privacy. The new foliage starts off crimson red and then fades to a dark green. Clip 2 to 3 times per year to control height. Planting Distance (for hedging): 0.75m


Full Sun. Plant in free-draining soil rich in organic matter.


Dig a hole at least twice as deep and as wide as the pot they come in.

Backfill hole mixing in compost and sheep pellets. In heavier soil make sure you loosen the side of the hole as you backfill and add gypsum.

Feed with Kings 24+.

Plant into the loosened soil and water deeply. 


Keep well-watered in summer, especially when the hedge is young.

Prune regularly and early to encourage the hedge to bush out and form a dense screen.

Feed every few years with Kings 24+ to keep the hedge healthy and well-fed,




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Product Description Eugenia Ventenati
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