Kings Plant Barn - Grow great Roses with Combat 3-In-1
8th December 2016

Grow great Roses with Combat 3-In-1


If you have heard of or used Ocean Grow you will likely know the resulting plant growth is amazing. But you may not realise that it also acts as a bug repellent, dramatically reducing the likelihood of insect infestations when your plants are healthy. Ocean Grow also promotes soil microbial life and the ability to provide nutrients available through both plant roots and leaf absorption.



Last year Ocean Grow introduced Combat 3-in-1 for Roses, and although the label on the bottle limits it to roses, it’s actually also excellent for other ornamentals too. Not only does it contain a natural fish fertiliser with all the minerals and trace elements for healthy plants, this fish food has been combined with an insecticide and fungicide, which provides systemic control of black spot, powdery mildew, rust, aphids, mites, thrips, caterpillars and budworm. Combat is a three-in-one fertiliser, fungicide and insecticide.


   Treat disease such as black spot (shown on the left) with Combat 3-in-1.


So how does it work? Ocean Grow is made using a unique process that retains the fish nutrients present in the whole fish. The fish is minced with liquid fish extract and inoculated with a proprietary blend of cultures and vitamins. Natural enzymes from the fish gut are added, which digest the fish, breaking it into tiny amino acids. No heat or added water is used in this process, which means all the minerals, trace elements, vitamins and hormones remain active.


                                                                                   3-IN-1 By adding Myclobutanil (a systemic fungicide) and Tau-Fluvalinate (a pyrethroid insecticide), Combat for Roses is probably the only three-in-one for roses and other ornamentals available anywhere in the world.


Rose growers who have used Combat rave about it, and if you have grown roses before, you know that without the right product, it can be quite a bit of work. Combat 3-in-1 for Roses proved its worth by conducting lengthy testing with rose growing societies, who time and again came back with positive comments. “I have used Combat for Roses on my own roses and have had great results, as have many other members” – Peter Bamber, president of the Canterbury Rose Society


Also available as an RTU       




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