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Arabian Jasmin

Jasminum sambac

Also known as Mogra, Mullipuvvu, Mallika, Mallige and Motiya. The fragrant flowers of this plant are used for religious offerings, in perfumes and fragrances, and in concocting the fragrant and delicious jasmine tea.


It is probably the most popular variety of jasmine in the world. It most likely originated in India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, but it is now cultivated the world over, especially in South and South East Asia, and in Central and South America. And it's now readily availble at Kings (at least while stocks last).


The plant is evergreen and it can be trained into a bush or allowed to grow as a vine. The vine can grow upto a height of 3 - 4 metres.



Soil and climate

Jasminum sambac thrives in well drained soils rich in organic matter. It prefers warm summer to a mild winter, moderate rainfall and sunshine.

Improve soil in poorer draining areas they don't like damp roots.

Protect from frost.



In the ground

While planting outdoors, plants are usually spaced 1 metre from each other.

Dig a hole around twice as deep and as wide as the pot it came in.

Backfill, mixing in compost and sheep pellets.

Plant into the loosened soil.


Plant into a mid to large sized pot for best results (at least 15L).

Keep your pot in a sunny position.

Use Kings Container Mix.



Flowers usually have a life of 24 hours, so are generally harvested as buds.

Plants prefer pruning at the end of the flowering season. This encourages growth of new branches and thereby flowering in the next season.

Feed every 3-4 weeks with Ocean Grow throughout the growing season.

Water regularly through the drier months, especially when you are growing in a pot.


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