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There are few plants more capable of brightening up those dark, shady spots in your garden as the almost unkillable and strangely delightful Clivia. Above their dark strap like leaves burst a stunning display of trumpet shaped flowers. Available in an array of creams, yellows and oranges, depending on the variety you're growing.



They originally come from South Africa and Swaziland, Clivia have been known in the west since specimens were collected in 1815. Though their name came later, as Kew Botanist John Lindley, named them in 1828 in honour of Charlotte Clive, Duchess of Northumbria (who at one stage was the governess of the future Queen Victoria).


And what's great about Clivias is that unlike many other plants that prefer part to full shade, they will thrive in drier spots where most other shade loving plants would struggle.


Growing Tips




They look best planted en masse, in a shady position under a tree or by a house.




Prefer free draining soil rich in organic matter. In heavier soils add compost and gypsum to help improve the soil structure.




While they will tolerate dry conditions they surely will benefit from regular watering in spring and summer.




Feed occasionally with a handful of sheep pellets in spring through to Autumn and occassionally with a natural  liquid feed such as Ocean Grow.





Deadhead after flowering, unless you wish the plants to set seed.