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Tired of clichés? Instead of comparing you to a summer's day, or giving a rose by another name, we thought we'd come up with a few living gift ideas perfect for Valentine's day. And with these gifts, as long as you play your cards right, care for them, attend to their needs, and provide them with the correct lighting conditions, they're sure to flourish.



1. Amaryllis



Show that you care with these radiant flowers. Amaryllis produce large, bold trumpet-shaped blossoms in a glorious valentine red. They're named after a Greek Nymph and often symbolise self-confidence and beauty. The name Amaryllis is Ancient Greek and means splendour or sparkling.

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2. Anthurium



Easy to grow, unless you give them/their roots too much space, Anthuriums will thrive indoors and look great, especially if you don't shine too much light on them by exposing them to direct sun.

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3. Peace Lily



Clear the air this Valentine's Day. This gorgeous plant is incredible easy-care and is one of the plants NASA studied in the late eighties for their ability to clean the air of a variety of toxins (such as off-gases from furniture and new carpets). For best results keep your peace lily in a spot with bright, indirect light.

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4. Moth Orchids




Coming in an array of different colours, the graceful flowers of the Moth Orchid can last for months and months when cared for correctly. Originally growing as an epiphyte (up trees) they should be watered regularly through the hotter part of the year, but make sure all the water drains through when you water as they don't like sitting in moisture.

For advice on growing moth orchids click here

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5. Monstera



Also known as the Fruit Salad Plant or Swiss Cheese Plant. Monstera make great house plants and produce a mass of glorious lush looking leaves. These houseplants have been incredible popular in recent years and can be hard to get! So, show you care with this trendy houseplant.

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