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While you may think Italian, the name is actually Greek (meaning kingly or royal). Though basil is actually thought to originate from India. But who knows…and it tastes nice regardless!


There are a number of cultivars – the Common Sweet Basil, Purple, Spicy Globe, Thai, Mrs Burn's Lemon, and Lettuce Leaf are much much more. And so far I haven't tried one that didn't taste great.



Very common in South-East Asian and Italian cuisine , you can easily team basil up with tomatoes, cheeses, sweet onions and meats or make your own pesto – so easy.


Plant in full sun in fairly free-draining soil.
Mix in compost and sheep pellets before planting.
Leave 20-40 cm between plants (spacing can vary depending on the variety).


Useful Pointers

Pinch tips regularly to encourage bushing.

Feed regular with Kings Ocean Grow.