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chives (c) Adrian Byrne ( CC BY 2.0


The herb of the month this November is Chives.

Delicious, versatile and nutritious, and for a slight twist try growing garlic chives. This perennial herb should last for years. Chives grow into small clumps, and can be harvested regularly all year round, and taste great in a wide range of situations, and are especially good in salads.

Chives work great as a companion plant, repelling a variety of pests and attracting bees and other beneficial insects.





Plant in full sun in free-draining soil rich in organic matter.

Before planting weed your garden beds and mix in Kings Compost and Sheep pellets. When planting in pots use Kings Container Mix.




Nip flower heads off before they open to promote leafy growth.

Water regularly, ensuring the soil stays moist.

Feed Regularly with Kings Ocean Grow to promote growth and keep them healthy.



Available in our small herb range for $3.99 


Chives (c) Quinn Dombrowski ( CC BY-SA 2.0