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Herb of the Month: Coriander

Loved by many and hated by a few (blame a gene!) the name coriander comes from the Greek word for bug. Originating in ancient Egypt, it is one of New Zealand's favourite herbs, used in Indian cooking, salads, stir-fries, and to add freshness to meat and savoury dishes. 


How to Plant 
Plant 30 cm apart in well drained, rich soil, full sun or part shade.
Grows up to 50 cm high.
Keep soil moist and feed monthly's with Kings Ocean Grow.


                                                                                                                                Coriander that has 'bolted'

Top Tip
The biggest growing challenge is 'bolting' (where the plant goes to seed).

To help prevent this, keep the plant from getting stressed by keeping the soil moist, and be harvesting and feeding regularly. During the hotter months plant in part shade as this helps provide protection from the heat of the day and stops the plant from becoming stressed by losing too much moisture through it's leaves.