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Bees together (c)Jack Wolf ( CC BY-ND 2.0 

 Bees feeding on the flower of a fennel plant

This aromatic and flavourful member of the carrot family has been used for centuries the world over. However, it has often been under-utilised, as we fail take advantage of its glorious flavours.

harvestable fennel (c)Nancy McClure ( CC BY 2.0

The herb itself has a mild, sweet, aniseed-like flavour - like a less intense version of star anise.  And it not only tastes great, but also looks great, and if left it'll produce attractive flowers that are great for attracting a whole host of beneficial insects into your garden.


Plant in full sun, in free-draining soil rich in organic matter.


Mix in compost and sheep pellets with your topsoil before planting.


Great when used as a vegetable. The leaves and swollen stem can be eaten raw, grilled, sautéed and steamed.
The seeds are often used in some types of Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine.
Works well with egg, fish or in salads.
Makes a tasty herbal tea.

Available instore in our small herb range or in our range of Kings Seed.