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The herb of the month this February is Lavender.

Given how often lavender turns up in soaps and shampoos, it is very appropriate that the name derives from the Latin word 'to wash' (Lavare).

There are lots of different types of Lavender available, including English, French, and Spanish, along with some other unusual and interesting species. And whether you're growing it as a small shrub, as a topiary, or as part of a cottage garden, Lavender is sure to look and smell great.

Growing Lavender is also great for bees, their scent helps us to sleep, and it can even be used in cooking.


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Best planted in full sun in free-draining soil rich in organic matter.



There are many varieties of incredibly beautiful lavender available, but if you are mainly after scent grow an English type of lavender.

Deeply water newly planted plants regularly (at least twice a week).

After they have finished flowering, prune back by around 1/3 to encourage flowering and prevent them from becoming woody.


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