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Oregano (c) Roman Plessl ( CC BY 2.0



Another Mediterranean favourite, oregano is fabulous with grilled vegetables, in tomato dishes and sauces, with cheeses and on pizza. Choose the Greek variety for strongest taste. Easy to dry for future use. 
Historically, the Greeks and Romans used it as a disinfectant, to ward off spirits and as a shampoo for its scent – up to you.


Aside from tasting great it also looks great and helps attract beneficial insects like Bees to your garden when it flowers.



Oregano blossoms (c) Bruce Guenter ( CC BY 2.0



How to Plant

Plant 30cm apart in well-drained, rich soil in full sun.

Mix soil with compost and sheep pellets when planting.

Water in until soil is nice and moist.



Water regularly, at least until it has become well established.

Feed with Kings Ocean Grow to promote healthy growth.

Harvest regularly by pinching out the tips to encourage bushy growth.


Oregano is available instore for $3.49 (look for our herb section).