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This versatile herb can be used fresh, dried or ground in cooking and in herbal medicines. Considered a natural antiseptic, preservative and believed to help with regulating body temperature, it also tastes great in a wide array of settings. Most commonly used in soups, stews and stuffing, it can also be fried to make a delicious tasty treat. The flowers are great for bees, as are the flowers of some of the unusual varieties available, such as Pineapple Sage (which smells a lot like pineapple lumps).


Pineapple sage - This tasty and unusual sage smells like pineapple lumps. The leaves can be used to create a deliciuous and fragrant tea and the flowers taste deliciously sweet.


Plant in full sun in fairly free-draining soil.


Mix in compost and sheep pellets before planting.

Leave 20-40cm between plants (spacing can vary depending on the variety).

Growing Tips

Pinch tips regularly to encourage bushing.

Feed regularly with Kings Ocean Grow.

Prune fairly hard once a year to avoid your sage plants becoming too woody.