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How to make kokedama japanese moss balls


The ancient and stylish art of Kokedama has recently become all the rage.

The name itself, when roughly translated from Japanese, means ‘moss ball’, which sums up what they are, but probably fails to capture their elegance. Especially when done on mass to create stunning displays of a wide array of houseplants.


Make your Own

Gently loosen the root-ball of your selected plant. If you're just starting succulents are ideal as they are hardy, require little watering, and thrive indoors and

Wrap a little moistened Sphagnum Moss around the roots of your selected plant.

Surround the moss covered roots with the soil mix. A little water can be added to the soil-mix if necessary as a firm muddy consistency is required.

Wrap the outer layer of Sphagnum Moss around the soil mix, holding it in place with the twine. Form a ball shape as you FIRMLY criss-cross the twine about the
moss. Leave enough twine to create a loop if you intend to hang your Kokedama ball.

Hang or place your Kokedama ball in a position with good light and enjoy.

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making a kokedama ball



Keep your Kokedama in a spot that suits whatever plant is in your kokedama. Most indoor plants require bright, indirect light, most succulents will prefer direct light (though will deal with bright indirect light). But if you aren't sure, feel free to ask one of our in-store experts.

Once your kokedana is hanging, manicure your creation using scissors to form a tidy ball shape.

Water your Kokedama ball by dunking it in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop appearing. Watering requirements vary depending upon the plant you've selected. For many plants adding a dilute amount of fertiliser while you water can keep them healthy.

After watering, allow your kokedama to drain before hanging it back inside.

kokedama orchids