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Cultivated across the world, and beloved by most, their name is actually a misnomer. Even the most productive strawberry plants technically won't ever produce a single berry (at least according to botanists), and instead produce aggregate fruit accessories.


The fruit actually has the seeds on the outside of the strawberry, which means that every time you take a bite your actually consuming hundreds of fruit in one go. Which is great, because as long as you lie to yourself, eating your 5+ has never been easier.


Growing Strawberries


Growing strawberries is relatively easy. The plants themselves are incredibly hardy. But unless the plants are kept happy and healthy they are unlikely to be productive.


When to plant

For best results plant in winter. This gives the fruit time to get settled, get there roots down, and really ready to take off next spring.

They can still be planted in spring, however the plants are less likely to be as productive that year.



For strawberries to fruit well they need full sun, and prefer free draining soil rich in organic matter. 

When planting do not cover the crown (the part just below the leaves).


Garden Beds

Weed the bed before planting.

Aerate (fork) and mix in compost and sheep pellets.

Mound into rows – leaving approx. 50cm between each row and 30cm between each plant.


Pots, Containers & Hanging Baskets


Fill pots, container or hanging basket with Kings Container Mix.

To make the most of a small space you can get creative about how you plant strawberries in a pot or hanging hasket – use a large pot so that they have a reasonable amount of root room and let them hang over the edge so as they fruit the strawberries won't sit on the soil (which can spoils them).


Stawberry Care



From spring through till summer keep garden beds well mulched with straw, especially when they start fruiting. Make sure that strawberries sit up off the ground otherwise they tend to rot.



Deeply water plants every 2-3 days during the drier months. Regular watering ensures that your plants stay healthy and produce big, deliciously juicy strawberries.



From spring through till autumn liquid feed regularly with Thrive Strawberry Food. Or for a natural option use Kings Ocean Grow.


Other useful tips

Net your plants with Bird netting as they start to fruit.

In late autumn you can split existing mature strawberry plants and use the runners so that you can grow even more plants.


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