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Along with windmills, clogs and cheese, Tulips tend to make many of us think of a small, flat, picturesque European country. For despite first being first cultivated in Ottoman Empire, they became so popular in Holland that the demand massively increased the price of the bulbs, leading to them briefly being used in place of money.

It's sadly too warm to grow Tulips in Auckland commercially. But while this mean we may not be able to make a fortune with this de facto currency, we can still create stunning displays. For as long as we lift and chill the bulbs each year (by putting them in the fridge in summer) we can grow masses of healthy tulips for many years to come.



Gorgeous, long lasting  cherry red bloom. Flowers mid-late spring.


White Dream

Stunning ivory white goblets on long sturdy stems. 


Queen of the Night

Add drama to your garden with these dark and majestic flowers.

Flaming Parrot

Their garish and ostentatious blooms are delightfully eye-catching. 


Lily Schreyer

Their warm, bold flowers are a beautiful golden yellow that sure to warm your heart after the mild dampness of winter.

Carnival de Nice 

These large double blooms are almost rose-like in their beauty.





To avoid the bulbs rotting over winter you need to find a relatively free draining spot in full sun.

In areas where drainage is a problem it's worth planting in mounds and taking a bit of time to try and improve the soil structure before planting. This can be done by forking over the area, mixing in Compost and Sheep Pellets, and dressing with Gypsum Claybreaker.

Leave between 10-15cm between each bulb, and plant to a depth of 6-8cm.

Water them in thoroughly after planting.

Tulip bulbs are best lifted in November-December and should be put in a fridge 6 weeks before you are ready to plant them again in April-May.

Site your container or pot in full sun.
Use Thrive bulb mix, though other potting mixes can also be used. However before using them make sure that they don't contain water storage crystals.
In larger pots leave between 10-15m between each bulb and plant to a depth of 6-8cm deep.
Water them in thoroughly after planting.