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February-Garden Checklist

Plant Now

Between running off to the beach and hiding from the heat, try to keep your garden well watered, stay on top of the weeds, and be sure to enjoy the bounty of your harvest.


Don’t miss out on some of the interesting, delightful and at times terrifying, large-grade chillies that came in late last month.

Plant herbs and leafy vegetables such as basil, coriander, parsley, spinach and silverbeet, but make sure you keep them well watered.

Towards the end of the month start planning out and planting some of your winter crops.


Ensure that summers in the future are filled with zest by planting some of our citrus trees. Keep plants well watered throughout the drier months.

Plant passionfruit in fertile, free-draining soil rich in organic matter. Plant in a spot with good airflow and ensure that you avoid wetting the foliage when watering.

Feijoas - for best results plant 2 varieties to ensure good pollination. Plant an earlier season and a later season variety to extend your harvest.



Grow a sensationally scented garden by planting some star jasmine, gardenias or the tropical climber stephanotis.  


Enjoy a tropical vacation in the comfort of your backyard by planting mandevilla, vireyas, frangipani, hibiscus and bird of paradise.
Make sure anything planted now is kept well watered to keep plants happy and health.


Instant colour

Add a delightful dash of colour by planting some of our annual flowers, including petunias, dianthus, penstemon, marigolds and gazanias.


Plant in-flower perennials now to enjoy their gorgeous blooms. The bubblegum petunia, geraniums and alstroemeria all look particularly beautiful.

Spring bulbs

Start planting your spring bulbs to ensure a glorious display of colour next spring.



Veggie Garden

Harvest tomatoes, eggplants, courgettes and pepper plants regularly to keep them fruiting. Keep your garden well fed and watered this summer to help plants stay healthy and productive. When watering tomatoes, courgettes and pumpkins try to avoid wetting the foliage.

Fruit Trees

Planning on growing fruit trees? Taste various varieties now while they are fruiting so you can figure out what you like.
Keep younger trees well watered through the drier months. Net trees before fruit starts to ripen to ensure the birds don’t get it all. As deciduous fruit trees finish fruiting start to summer prune. For help with summer pruning click here


Deadhead spent flowers regularly to keep your plants flowering for longer. Water and feed regularly.


Keep your lawn and garden lush and healthy this summer by watering correctly. Deeply water plants on a regular basis, especially when they are young. To make things easier check out some of our irrigation systems or add saturaid to your pots or garden beds to reduce your watering needs.



Aquaticus Bugtrol

Keep pests under control with this effective organic pesticide.



Keep plants hydrated this summer to help them stay healthy and looking great.

Bypass Secateur

Cut away the excess! Summer prune deciduous fruit trees and deadhead shrubs with these great secateurs.