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March Garden Checklist

Plant Now

Autumn is here, but there’s still time to keep enjoying zucchini and tomatoes for a bit longer, so keep harvesting and feeding to keep them productive. But winter is coming! Make sure you’re ready by getting your spring bulbs and winter veggie garden planted.


Start planting your winter veggie garden. Stagger your planting over the next month to help stagger your harvest.
Direct-sow carrots and parsnips into prepared, weed-free beds. Plant seedling or sow seed in seed raising trays of cabbage, kale, beetroot, broccoli, lettuce, coriander and parsley.

Start planting compost crops such as lupins into empty beds. Click here for more


Fruit trees 
It’s a great time to plant citrus, guavas and feijoas. We’ve a great range instore, including some unusual and delicious varieties of citrus.
Feijoa - Some varieties have already started fruiting! Plant two varieties that fruit at different times to stagger your harvest. Buy now

FRUIT OF THE MONTH: AVOCADO Our avocado are back in this March including our most popular dwarf avocado, Cleopatra. Available instore only. 


These easy to grow evergreen shrubs produce an abundance of gorgeous flowers from autumn through till winter.
Hedging Grow your own privacy! Autumn is a great time to plant hedges.
For quick growing taller hedges check out our griselinias and eugenias, or for something small, try buxus (box hedge) or corokias. For more click here


Potted Colour

Flowers such as Marigolds, Gazanias, and Petunias will last well into autumn. But as it cools, start to plant winter flowering annuals such as pansy, calendula, and polyanthus. 


Garden Mums are in and looking great! Coming in an array of colours they stunning indoors and out.
Cyclamen, flowering from autumn right through winter, the perfect way to darken up those shadier spots.

Spring Bulbs

Plant now for a glorious display next spring. Buy Now



Veggie Garden

Harvest your summer veggies, such as tomatoes and courgettes to keep them fruiting. Keep on top of any weeds, as they can really take of this year. 

Fruit Trees

 Harvest pears, apples and early season feijoas. Net fruit as needed to protect them from the birds. Keep an eye out for guava moth as you harvest (see our plant doctor section for more).  
Summer prune deciduoius fruit trees as they finish producing fruit. For more help with summer pruning click here


Keep flowers well fed and watered, and deadhead spent flowers regularly to keep them healthy and flowering for longer.


Keep your lawn and garden lush and healthy this summer by watering correctly. Deeply water plants on a regular basis, especially when they are young. To make things easier check out some of our irrigation systems or add saturaid to your pots or garden beds to reduce your watering needs.







Pruners Single Step

Make light work of pruning with these easy to use secateurs. 

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Grass seed



Grass seed


Repair old lawns or plant up a new one this autumn.

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Slow Release Bulb Food


Feed spring bulbs as you plant to help ensure a glorious display next spring

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