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Monthly Gardening Checklist - November


plant now

Summer is coming! Keep on top of those weeds, and get your garden ready now, to ensure you have masses of veggies and flowers this coming season.


Veggie Seedlings

Stagger your planting to help spread out your harvest. Plant beans, tomatoes, chillies, capsicums, egg plant, courgettes, cucumbers, Kumera shoots (tupu) and many more. 

Herb Garden Plant

Rocket and parsley in shade-part shade (to reduce the chance of bolting); basil in part to full sun; and thyme, rosemary and oregano in full sun.



A must for every Kiwi garden! Choose a warm sunny fence to plant up against. As they grow, open them up occassionally to increase airflow and reduce the chance of diseases. 


So easy to grow and utterly delicious. Best planted in part shade. Dig in lots of sheep pellets and compost when planting.


Short of space? Dwarf citrus only grow 1.5-2m tall, will produces masse of fruit when they’re mature, and can even be grown in pots.



Most are in flower and looking truly stunning. 


Dwarf and full-size varieties available, and they already look gorgeous. Best planted in part shade. Improve soil before planting by mixing in compost and sheep pellets.

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Add a spectacular tropical touch to your garden with some of the eye-catching hibiscus now available.

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Also in: Gardenia and climbers such as star jasmine, bougainvillea and mandevilla.


Instant Colour

Transform your garden with the addition of some instant colour. There are loads of plants to choose from, including, asters, alyssum, petunias, dianthus, dahlias, salivia, zinnias, snapdragons and verbenas.


This year we have a huge range of bold and delightful perennial plants including an incredible array of nemesias, lavenders, petunias, calibrachoa, fuchsias, verbena, osteospermums and geraniums.

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Veggie Garden

Water, weed, feed, and mulch. Make sure you stay on top of the weeds before they take over. Feed your plants regularly to keep them happy and healthy. Natural fertilisers, like Kings Ocean Grow, help improve soil health and feeds your plants. Mulch with Peastraw and Lucerne to help suppress weeds and reduce your watering needs.

Fruit Trees

Keep newly planted fruit trees well fed and watered as it starts to get drier. Water plants deeply every 1-2 weeks. Mulch with More Than Mulch to reduce your watering needs.


It’s not to late to sow a new lawn or refresh an existing one. Make sure that as your garden gets drier this summer, you water new lawns regularly to give them a good start.




Kings Ocean Grow

King's Ocean Grow

Feed your plants and improve the soil with this natural fertiliser.


Make sure you have a sharp set of secateurs ready for deadheading your roses.


Living Earth More than Mulch

Mulch around your roses, trees and shrubs to help suppress weeds and to help keep the soil moist.