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  • Kings 24 Plus 700g Kings 24 Plus 700g

Kings 24 Plus 700g

Product Code:103465

Quick Overview

Kings 24 Plus 700g

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Slowly release essential nutrients to trees over a 2 year period. Great for planting fruit trees, grasses, and native and exotic trees and shrubs. Can be used on existing trees, simply sprinkle as per instructions on the packet around the dripline, and gently work into the soil or press them in. 

Water in well after applying.

N:P:K - 7:7:9

How it works

Nutrient release is triggered by moisture and plant growth. The nutrients become avaialable approximately 48 hours after contact with the mosit soil.


No risk of burning the roots if used as directed.

Feeds plants for approximately 2 years after it has been applied.

There is no build up of soluble salts and the slow release minimises nutrient loss from leaching and water run off.






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