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  • Kings 24 Plus Sachet 60g Kings 24 Plus Sachet 60g

Natures Organic Fertilizer 5kg

Kings 24 Plus Sachet 60g

Product Code:112888
Kings 24 Plus Sachet

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Kings 24 Plus Sachet 60g

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Kings '24 Plus' is a two year, slow realease fertilise, used by home gardeners and professionals. Ideal for feeding all Trees and Shrubs including Roses, Conifers, Citrus and Fruite Tress, as well as orchids, perennials and bulbs Kings '24 Plus' will feed plants slowly over a two year period. Nutrient release is triggered by moisture and plant growth, becoming available approcimately 48 hours after contact with moist soil. It is safe with no risk of burning when used according to the directions. THere is no build up of soluble salts. It dies not leach to waste with water run off. Kings '24 Plus' is easy to use and very effective. For plantings, place granules into the bottom of the hole and incorporate with some loose soil. For existing tree and shrubs spread granules evenly within are around the 'drip line' of the tree and either work into soil or tread lightly into compacted soil. Always water well after applying. N7 : P7 : K9 !!!!!!

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Product Description Kings 24 Plus Sachet
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