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  • Dichondra Seed 100g Dichondra Seed 100g

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Dichondra Seed 100g

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Dichondra Seed

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Dichondra Seed 100g

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This dark green, low growing, broad leaf perennial looks stunning when grown as a lawn. It is ideal as a ground cover, requires very little mowing, and generally requires less maintenance than a conventional lawn.

Dichondra is ideal for hard to mow areas such a slopes. It is a low growing herb which forms a dense sod which can be kept green all year. However, a Dichondra Lawn will be damaged by children's play and other traffic more than other grasses.

Dichondra belongs to the Convolvulacae (Morning Glory) family. It is a part of New Zealand native flora, but it is also recorded as an indigenous species in many other countries. It was first discovered in Otago, where the New Zealand name "Mercury Bay Grass" originated. It produces white flowers which are purple edged, which produce a two celled ovary, each containing one seed. The name Dichondra refers to this feature. (Greek DI meaning double, and CONDRA meaning grain). From a short distance it looks something like clover. It is quite easy to propagate by division.

During the winter when the weather is cool and the days are short, Dichondra tends to produce short petioles and small leaves. As days become longer and temperatures increase, leaves become larger and petioles longer. Dichondra grown in the shade will have larger leaves, longer petioles and more open growth than it will in full sun.

Burnet's Dichondra is specially coated with a chemical fertiliser which greatly improves germination an ensures healthy, even growth.


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Product Description Dichondra Seed
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