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  • Lupins 1kg Lupins 1kg

Lupins 1kg

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Green Manure Crop: Lupins

Grow green manure crops in fallow beds over winter to help improve your soil and reduce the number of weeds you have to deal with next spring.



Adds fertility and humus  to your soil.

Nodules on the roots fix nitrogen from the air into the soil.

Helps soil microbes flourish.

Reduce weeds and weed seeds present in garden beds. 


Growing Green Crops

Plant green manure crops in Autumn.

Prepare garden beds by lightly forking and clearing away weeds.

Sow seeds densely, approximately 30g per square metre, over the bed and lightly rake in.

Try and keep them weed free through winter.

At the start of spring dig them into your beds, the stems should still be soft. Harder stems should be taken out and composted as they will take to long to rot down in the beds. To hasten the break down process of your green manure add well rotted animal manure before digging in.

Leave for 2-3 weeks before planting your spring veggies or flowers.

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