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08 May, 2021

Common name for many of the small insects in the family Pseudococcidae. The females are small sap sucking unarmoured scale insects. However unlike most scale insects they often retain legs and the ability to crawl around. The males are smaller, gnat like and can fly around.

The female Mealybugs are covered by pale or white thread or powder-like coatings, and can often be found feeding from stems or leaves. They will also attack the roots and bulbs of some plants.

When feeding they excrete honeydew, a sweet sticky substances. This sometimes attracts wasps and ants, and also provides a medium for sooty mould to grow on. While feeding they weaken the plants and can spread diseases.

Can be difficult to kill as they often infest hard to reach places.


Natural predators such as lacewings and ladybirds will help control numbers and help stop them becoming an issue.

To attract beneficial insects into the garden plant flowers such as echinacea, alyssum, borage, lavender, rosemary, and thyme.

Control ants, as some species harvest the honeydew and offer them some protection.

Natural Treatment

Spray with Bugtrol. Make sure you thoroughly coat the back of the leaves and the stems.

If it’s in the soil, spray the soil thoroughly and repeat 7-14 days if necessary.

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