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  • Natures Organic Fertiliser Natures Organic Fertiliser

Natures Organic Fertiliser

Product Code:46943

Quick Overview

Kings Natures Organic Fertiliser 5kg

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Growing healthy organic plants requires healthy soil.

Natures Organic Fertiliser helps stimulate beneficial microbial activity in your soil, and helps address many of the nutrient deficiencies common in New Zealand soils. This helps you to grow healthy soil, healthy, better quality plants and increased fruit production plus sweeter fruit.


Contains 70 essential plant minerals, vitamins and natural growth hormones

Increases beneficial soil life activity

Builds organic soil carbon levels and soil structure

Stimulates root growth

Increases nitrogen fixation rates from the atmosphere and solubilization of phosphate reserves.


BioGro-certified EF Soil Force (Reactive Phosphate Rock composted with fish protein, humic acid, seaweed, lucerne dust, animal manure and vermicast)

EF Recharge (composted calcium carbonate with humates, fish, kelp and trace elements)

Paramagnetic Basalt Rock Dust

All of which have been composted and inoculated with beneficial soil bacteria and fungi (including Azotobacter, Trichoderma, and Bacillus subtillus)

Application Rates

Preparing garden beds

Sprinkle one to two handfuls per square meter when preparing beds for planting

Lightly fork in before planting

Planting trees and shrubs

Backfill the hole you are planting with a mix of the topsoil from your hole,Kings Organic Compost and Sheep Pellets. Sprinkleone to twohandfulsof Natures Organic Fertiliser on top and lightly fork it in before planting your tree or shrub

After Planting

Sprinkleone to twohandfuls per square metre and lightly fork in without damaging roots. If this isn't possible, water in and mulch over the top with Mulch.


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