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Kings Ocean Grow

Remember when Dad buried a fish with his grape vine down the end of the garden, and how well it grew and the grapes tasted.

Ocean Grow  works on the same principal based on an ancient Persian organic farming fertiliser recipe, but made in New Zealand.

Ocean Grow is made from fresh Southern fish catches,minced with a liquid using natural enzymes then inoculated with a proprietary blend of cultures and vitamins. The blend is digested by microbes and cured for up to six months. This process takes time and importantly doesn"t use heat that destroys enzymes and microbes. Our unique process makes Ocean Grow an unbelievable soil and foliage bio-stimulant fertiliser as well as bug repellent, meaning less spraying.

We think Ocean Grow is the best all purpose garden fertiliser in the world and think Dad would agree.

 'Contains Trichoderma'

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