Kings Plant Barn - Lemon Meyer 2.5L
Lemon Meyer 2.5L

Lemon Meyer

Perfect for Home Gardens. As long as your tree is kept happy and healthy it should, once established (after 3-4 years) produces deliciously sweet lemons nearly all year round. These lemons were grown from cutting at out Nursery in Takanini.

All Citrus Trees are self-fertile

Best grown in full sun in free draining soil rich in organic matter.
Fruit trees need at least 6 hours full sun.

Dig a hole that is at least twice as deep and twice as wide as the pot that your tree came in. In heavier soils digging a slightly deeper hole is recommended.
Backfill your hole and mix in compost, sheep pellets, and add either Kings Slow Release Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser or Nature’s Organic Fertiliser.
In heavier soils break up the sides of your hole as you backfill as smooth sides to the hole can cause it to act like a bucket and fill up with water. Plant the tree level with the ground, or in heavier soils, into a slight mound to improve drainage.

Use Kings Slow Release Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser. For a natural option feed with Sheep Pellets and Ocean Grow.

Normally $17.99
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