Kings Plant Barn - Begonia Waterfalls Series 170mm
Begonia Waterfalls Series 170mm

Begonia Waterfalls

The Begonia Waterfall Series creates an impressive waterfall of single or double flowers cascading from each plant. It flowers profusely and continuously throughout the summer months. It has a graceful and robust plant structure. Perfect in pots on the patio. No dead heading required here, this easy care plant looks after itself and the flowers drop off by themselves. 

This beautiful begonia is available in 3 colours: Pink, white and red. Please specify which colour you would prefer in the delivery instructions. Where possible we will pick out the right colour, if supply is limited we will contact you to arrange an alternative.


Full sun to partial/dappled shade.


Keep soil moist through the growing season. Feed through spring summer with Kings Fast Food Fertiliser. 

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