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  • Thrive Natural Of Sulphate Potash 2.5kg Thrive Natural Of Sulphate Potash 2.5kg

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Thrive Natural Of Sulphate Potash 2.5kg

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Thrive Natural Sulphate of Potash

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Thrive Natural Sulphate of Potash 2.5kg

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Thrive natural sulfate of potash
thrive natural sulfate of potash is a certified organic garden input boosted with nz seaweed to encourage the development of larger, more abundant flowers and fruit, as well as organic nz seaweed for a strong, healthy root system and improved plant resistance to environmental stress. Developed for use on all garden plants and lawns.
key benefits
natural flower and fruit booster. A natural source of potassium (k) to encourage a larger and tastier fruit crop and more abundant flowers.
natural source of sulfur which is an essential nutrient for healthy plant growth.
naturally strengthens plants. Added potassium in the soil helps to strengthen cell walls providing stronger stems for plants and improved resistance to environmental stress.
natural boost for root development. Added sustainably harvested nz seaweed encourages stronger root growth, plant health and improved plant resistance.
a stronger root system leads to a healthier and more productive plant.
certified by biogro nz.
nitrogen (n) 0phosphorus (p) 0potassium (k) 41 seaweed sustainably sourced and collected by hand from remote nz beaches.
directions for use
new vege and garden beds. Apply 50 g/sqm to the soil on new vege and garden beds and dig in.
established plants. Apply 15-30 g/sqm before flowering and fruit set in early spring and again in autumn. Apply around the plant dripline and lightly mix into the soil. Use a lower rate for sensitive or young plants.
lawns. Apply 50 g/sqm in early autumn to help strengthen lawns for winter and prepare for healthy spring growth.
always water in well after application.
ensure all product is washed off the plant.
one adult handful holds approximately 100g.
repeat applications during the growing season for best results.
tip for an extra boost, mix 10 parts thrive natural blood & bone to 1 part yates thrive natural sulfate of potash by weight. The added potassium will help grow prolific flowers and tastier fruit.
keep out of reach of children and pets.
do not apply if the maximum temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the soil is dry or plants are suffering moisture stress.
the use of gloves, dust mask and safety glasses is recommended.
store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
do not swallow, the dust from this product may act as an irritant, avoid inhalation and contact with eyes and skin, wash hands and affected parts.

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Product Description Thrive Natural Sulphate of Potash
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