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  • Ready To Use Bug Oil Gun 750mL Ready To Use Bug Oil Gun 750mL

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Ready To Use Insect Gun 750mL

Ready To Use Bug Oil Gun 750mL

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Bug Oil Gun

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Bug Oil Gun 750mL

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Bug oil gun. Kills a wide range of insect pests such as whitefly, aphids, caterpillars, mealy bug, thrips and ants on indoor plants, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals.Features low toxic insecticide. Based on natural pyrethrum daisy extract. Fast knockdown of pests.Non-residual.Easy-to-use trigger pack - no mixing required, no mess. How it works - pyrethrum is a fast acting knockdown insecticide with contact, stomach poison and fumigant action. Also contains piperonyl butoxide, which prevents the insect detoxifying pyrethrum. Pyrethrum paralyses the insect which dies within 30 minutes. Ingredients - pyrethrum & piperonyl butoxide. Directions for use - spray as soon as insects are visible and repeat at weekly intervals or as required. Cover all foliage including under-sides of leaves. Spray on a calm cool day when rain is not expected.Effectiveness - poor results could be due to:not shaking the bottle before use. Failure to spray under foliage. Rainfall within 12 hours of spraying. Precautions - not compatible with bordeaux, sulphur and insecticidal soap sprays.Very toxic to cold blooded animals.Do not spray on young seedlings.Withholding period for edible plants is 1 day.

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Product Description Bug Oil Gun
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