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  • Yates Granular Weed'N'Feed 12.5Kg Yates Granular Weed'N'Feed 12.5Kg

Yates Hydrocotyle Killer 200mL

Yates Granular Weed'N'Feed 12.5Kg

Product Code:805271
Yates Granular Weed'N'Feed

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Yates Granular Weed'N'Feed 12.5Kg

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Weed n feed granular lawn feriliser.
only suitable for use on lawns.
is your lawn lacking lusciousness and being overtaken by weeds? Yates weed feed granular kills weeds and greens lawns. The granular format is excellent for a controlled application, directly where you want it, and ideal for smaller lawns. Features yates weed feed granular kills weeds and greens lawns suitable for all common lawn types including kikuyu, ryegrass, fescue and browntop. Controls clover, dandelions, thistles, flatweeds and other broadleaf weeds commonly growing in lawns. Adds essential nitrogen and iron nutrients to promote lush green growth. How to use do - not apply to lawns less than 6 months old or during hot or windy weather. Avoid application to acid soils. Measure lawn area and water well before application. Calculate the amount of weed n feed granular required. Apply product dry on to moist grass when weather is fine. Leave it on for 2 days, then water thoroughly. Your lawn will turn black for a few days, but will recover to its normal state. Apply in still conditions. Spread evenly and accurately. The use of a fertiliser spreader may assist in achieving even application over larger lawn areas. Note do not allow material to spill or blow over onto hard or non-lawn surfaces as staining could occur. Dry sweep immediately.We recommend that you do not apply in the following scenarios:to lawns less than 6 months old. During hot or windy weather. If shade temperatures are expected to exceed 30oc within a 72 hour period. When soil is dry and lawn is suffering from moisture stress. To non-grass lawns such as clover and dichondra. Around food or animal feed crops. How it works - the iron has a salt burn effect so that flatweeds receive a relatively severe burn compared to the vertical blades of grass. Soluble iron and nitrogen are absorbed by the root system to provide strong green growth. Ingredients active constituent 50g/kg iron (fe) present as ferrous sulphate.

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Product Description Yates Granular Weed'N'Feed
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