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  • Aquatic Plant Food Tablets Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

Pondflex Hose

Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

Product Code:STYLE-100395
Aquatic Plant Food Tablets 12

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Quick Overview

Aquatic Plant Food Tablets. Various Sizes.


Traditional methods of direct to the root fertiliser for demand feeders like Iris, Lotus, Tropical and Hardy water lilies has may options. When investigating products we settled on Thrive plant tabs. These tablets are manufactured by a company dedicated to specific water treatment products. When used as directed the fertiliser will stimulate vigorous growth, budding and flowering, disease resistance and are not toxic to aquatic animals including fish. Thrive tablets are ideally suited to small ponds or bowls with easy access to the plant basket/pot.

Tablet fertiliser are a slow release and require a soil base to release nutrients into. Tablet fertilisers should not be introduced directly into your pond. Adding directly to the pond water may cause nutrient unbalance and algae, with possible ill health to pond life.

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Product Description Aquatic Plant Food Tablets 12
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