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  • Lily Asiatic - Gironde Pack of 1 Lily Asiatic - Gironde Pack of 1

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Lily Oriental - Dynamite Pack of 1

Lily Asiatic - Gironde Pack of 1

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Lily Asiatic - Grionde

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Lily Asiatic - Grionde Pack of 1

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Free flowering Lily Asiatics are among the easiest of Lilies to grow. This glorious flowering variety is relatively easy to grow, producing a stunning display of flowers in spring/early summer (the exact flowering time can depend on when they are planted). They look delightful both in the garden or as a cut flower.


Full sun. Prefers free-draining soil rich in organic matter.


Plant lily bulbs 8-10cm deep, 15-20 cm apart, in well worked soil. If drainage is a problem, plant shallower and mound soil over the bulb.


For best results year after year feed with Kings Slow Release Bulb Food at the start of spring.

Tip: snap off old flowers or seed pods to encourage healthy bulb growth.

Growing in a Pot

Choose a pot at least 15-20 cm in diameter and 20-25 cm deep.

Fill at least 1/3 of the pot with Kings Potting Mix.

Place bulb carefully, making sure it's facing the right way up (the roots should be at the bottom).

Cover bulbs with 4-6cm of soil.

Bulbs in pots will need to be watered and fed more regularly than when they are planted in the ground.


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Product Description Lily Asiatic - Grionde
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