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  • Golden Passion Passionfruit 12CM Golden Passion Passionfruit 12CM

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Golden Passion Passionfruit 12CM

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Passionfruit Golden Passion

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Passionfruit Golden Passion 12CM

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The vigourous vine produces a mass of tasty and delicious yellow fruit with a juicy, orange aromatic flavoured pulp filled with black seeds. Harvested from February to June. The flowers are attractive but quickly start to wilt after they've formed. Poor weather can affect pollination as it can disturb the insect pollinators, but planting a mass of flowers that attracts pollinator insects will help.

Can grow up to 7m in a year once established.


Full sun. Prefers free-draining soil rich in organic matter. Ideally should be in a spot with decent airflow as this minimises the  risk of diseases.


Mix in compost and sheep pellets with your top soil when planting.


Prune in early spring to encourage new growth and to open up the vine to increase airflow around the plant.

They are fairly heavy feeders. Feed every 3 months with Kings Slow Release Citrus Food or for a natural option, feed monthly through spring and summer with sheep pellets and Ocean Grow.

For more advice on caring for passionfruit click here

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Product Description Passionfruit Golden Passion
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