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  • Lavender Violet Intrigue  pvr 1.9L Lavender Violet Intrigue  pvr 1.9L

Lavender The Princess 2.5L


Lavendula Angustafolia 'Arabian Nights' 1.5L

Lavender Violet Intrigue pvr 1.9L

Product Code:101421
Lavender Violet Intrigue Pvr

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Lavender Violet Intrigue Pvr 1.9L


Lavender Violet Intrigue

This intriguingly gorgeous lavender is a hybrid of two strong English varieties. With long stems, gorgeous flowers, a delicious scent, improved humidity tolerance, and a colour that holds up even in the hottest summer there is little not to love about this lavender.  

Grows 60 - 80cm tall


Grow in full sun (for a Lavender that can be grown successfully in part shade use Lavender Dentata).


Prefers free draining soil rich in organic matter. To improve soil add compost and sheep pellets when planting. Use Container Mix in pots.


Use the eventual width of your plants as a guide when planting in beds as part of the garden.

Hedges: Different varieties grow to different heights. Select a variety that grows a little taller than you want your hedge. Leave 20-30cm between each plant.


Feed every 4-5 weeks with Aquaticus Organic Garden Booster to keep your plants happy, healthy and covered in flowers.


Prune after your plants have finished flowering by removing spent flowering spikes and cutting back established plants by around 1/3. Regular pruning will help keep your Lavender from becoming woody and help encourage flowering.

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Product Description Lavender Violet Intrigue Pvr
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