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  • Strawberry 'Temptation' Tm 4CELL Strawberry 'Temptation' Tm 4CELL

San Andreas Strawberry 4CELL


Strawberry Hanging Basket Workshop Ticket

Strawberry 'Temptation' Tm 4CELL

Product Code:61512
Strawberry Temptation Tm

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Quick Overview

Strawberry Temptation Tm 4CELL


Medium bright red shiny fruit with excellent flavour. Pale firm flesh. Suitable for Northern and Central districts. Perfect for pots. Generally fruits October thorough till March..


Full sun. Prefers free-draining soil rich in organic matter.


Plant into a weed free bed. Mix in compost and sheep pellets before planting. For best results slightly mound your beds to improve drainage.

Leave 30-45cm between each plant. Mulch heavily around each plant with straw.

When planting in pots use Strawberry Mix.


Keep plants well watered through the drier months.

From spring through summer feed plants every 6 weeks with Kings Strawberry Food or for a natural option, feed with Ocean Grow.

Keep plants heavily mulched and make sure that the developing strawberry sit up and don't touch the soil.

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Product Description Strawberry Temptation Tm
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