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  • Kings Slow Release Citrus Food 700g Kings Slow Release Citrus Food 700g

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Kings Slow Release Citrus Food 700g

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Quick Overview

Kings Slow Release Citrus Food 700g

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Feeds plants for up to 3 months and is specially formulated for citrus and most other fruit trees.

NPK - 15:2:6 + Trace Elements


Promotes healthy growth and fruiting.

Provides the main nutrients required to grow healthy fruit.

Nutrient release is triggered by moisture and plant growth, becoming available 48 hours after contact with moist soil, which reduces leaching and provides food when your plants need it.

The Micro Pill formula ensures good availability of trace elements, and sets these products apart from other granular fertilisers or fertiliser blends.


For new plantings, place granules into the bottom of the planting hole and incorporate with some loose soil.

For existing citrus and fruit tree plants spread granules evenly within the soil and around the 'drip line' of the tree and either work this into the soil or tread lightly into compacted soil. Always water in well after applying.

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