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  • Guzmania Brimstone 14cm Guzmania Brimstone 14cm

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Vriesea Kallisto 12cm

Guzmania Brimstone 14cm

Product Code:111413
Guzmania Brimstone

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Guzmania Brimstone 14cm


Guzmania brimstone. A stunning indoor plant which features a dramatic vivid red flower spike which will last up to 6 months when the plant is properly cared for. Guzmania are happiest in a high light areas, out of direct sunlight, however they will also adapt to some outdoor situations, again away from direct sun, adding a wonderful tropical affect in subtropical gardens. Care - bromeliads are low feeders so your guzmania does not require lots of fertiliser. Use fertiliser at half the rates specified in the instructions, and apply the solution to the cup of the plant.

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Product Description Guzmania Brimstone
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