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  • Roundup 1L Rtu + 20% Extra Fre 1LRTU Roundup 1L Rtu + 20% Extra Fre 1LRTU

Roundup 1L Rtu + 20% Extra Fre 1LRTU

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Roundup 1L Rtu + 20% Extra Free 1LRTU

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This ready to use all purpose weedkiller produces visible results within forty-eight hours. Gardeners can see that the herbicide is taking effect so they're not tempted to make unnecessary, "Just-to-make-sure", re-applications. It effectively controls difficult broadleaf and grass weeds. It has low toxicity and is inactivated once it contacts the soil. Features Visible results within 24-48 hours Convenient ready to use spray - no mixing required. Controls a wide range of weeds and grasses in garden beds, rockeries, driveways, along fencelines and lawn edges, around buildings Not active in the soil Rainproof after 2 hours How It Works It works by systemic activity, moving within the plant to kill both foliage and roots. Ingredients 7.2g/litre glyphosate as the isopropylamine salt in the form of a ready-to-spray liquid. Directions for use Spray onto unwanted weeds that are actively growing. Spray all the leaves until wet. Weeds may be removed and planting may occur in treated areas 7 days after treatment. Perennial weeds may need a repeat treatment. DO NOT disturb weeds for 7 days after treatment. DO NOT spray if rain is likely within 2 hours. DO NOT use on frost damaged weeds or weeds covered with dust or silt. Avoid contact with desirable plants, including turf grass you do not want killed. If accidentally sprayed hose off immediately with water to reduce injury. Effectiveness Rainfall occurring up to 2 hours after application may reduce effectiveness, necessitating a repeat treatment.
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