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  • Venus Fly Trap 8cm Venus Fly Trap 8cm

Venus Fly Trap 8cm

Product Code:34340
Venus Fly Trap

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Venus Fly Trap 8cm

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Unlike most carnivores, that carefully stalk their prey or set their traps, carnivorous plants spend most of their time in a vegetative state. Aside from swaying in the wind, or being knocked by a passing animal, they rarely move. Venus Flytraps are the exception, as they occasionally burst into action, snap shut and then devour their prey.

Venus Flytraps are probably the best known carnivorous plants. They originate from the swamps of the east coast of North and South Carolina, and the traps themselves are shaped from the end of their leaves. They mainly prey on beetles, flies and other small insects and are “one of the most mobile plants, moving of their own volition using their own power.” The Traps are set with Hydrostatic pressure that is set off by hairs that act as triggers. “And it’s very intelligently done; they are clever little plants. One trigger on one hair doesn’t trigger them. Multiple hairs have to be hit within a set amount of time to make it close.” Which means that they don’t waste their limited energy when little droplets of water hit them.

Growing Tips

Best grown inside in full sun.

For best results place in a tray/saucer of water. Occassionally water from above.

Feeding not required and can cause damage.



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Product Description Venus Fly Trap
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