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  • White Goose Feijoa 3L White Goose Feijoa 3L

Casimiroa Luke PB5S


Unique Feijoa 3.5L

White Goose Feijoa 3L

Product Code:53074
Feijoa White Goose Tm

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Quick Overview

Feijoa White Goose Tm 3L

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This large, vigourous growing Feijoa produces a heavy crop of large fruit (generally averaging around 90g) with semi-smooth light green skin. Early cropping (generally fruits April to May). To extend the fruiting season and improve pollination,grow with a mid to late season variety.

Grows around 4 x 4m


Grow in full sun in a relatively free-draining position.


Dig a hole at least twice as deep and wide as the feijoa comes in. Backfill with a mix of compost, sheep pellets, and Kings Slow Release Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser, or for an organic option, use Nature's Organic Fertiliser).

Plant your feijoa to the same level as it was in the pot.

Keep well watered through the summer months. Mulch to reduce watering needs and help suppress weeds.

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Product Description Feijoa White Goose Tm
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