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Kings Sheep Pellets 8kg


Fine Sand

Worm Castings

Product Code:STYLE-80146

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Worm Castings. Various Sizes.


Nature's Superior Plant Nutrient and Growth Stimulant Organagro is natures alternative to chemical fertilisers. Independent tests have achieved 145% increase in plant growth. Using just 20% ORGANAGRO in a potting medium with no other fertiliser added promote strong healthy plants that tend to be more disease resistant. The beneficial micro-organisms that are present in Organagro will continue to colonise the surrounding soil releasing previously unavailable minerals. Organagro Gold Worm Castings are produced from organic waste that has been fed to composting worms. For impressive results with :- * Annuals & vegetables Organagro under each seedling & around plants. * Potted plants Organagro in the potting mix & around plants. * Small trees & plants Organagro sprinkled out to the drip line.

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Product Description Worm Castings
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