12 Dec, 2020

An all-time kiwi favourite that is extremely easy to make for any summer Christmas. Serves 8 people. Prep time15 mins


1kg berry yoghurt

600ml cream

2 punnets of berries (strawberries & raspberries)

1 packet marshmallows

optional: 6 crushed meringues


  1. Cut up the berries and marshmallows into halves
  2. Whip cream into soft peaks
  3. Mix half the cream with the berry yoghurt
  4. Make sure that the meringues are broken up into small pieces, do this with your hands and put remains into a separate bowl
  5. Get glasses and start layering the ingredients, starting with the fruit, meringue, and yoghurt cream mixture.
  6. Use the rest of the whipped cream on top
  7. Chill for four hours and serve.

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