Winter Care & Style - Indoor Plants

04 Jun, 2024

Bring nature indoors this winter by curating a styled indoor plant collection. Although the days are cool and dark, your indoor space can still be lush and vibrant. Here are some styling tips, plus everything you need to know for happy houseplants this winter.

Winter Care Tips


Keeping your indoor plants warm in winter is essential, especially since they're mostly tropical or sub-tropical. It is important to maintain a room temperature of at least 18°C to prevent cold damage and dieback, and avoid placing them near draughts, heaters, or heat pumps.


With winter comes shorter days and lower light levels. Your indoor plants may need a new home for the winter months with brighter indirect light. Clean your windows to increase the natural light in your indoor space, and wipe your plants' leaves with a damp cloth to clean off dust and help with light absorption.


Maintaining a proper watering schedule is crucial to keep your indoor plants growing well. During winter, reduce watering to a third of what your plants get in summer, to avoid the risk of root rot from overwatering. However, ferns and carnivorous plants need a different routine, and require consistent watering year-round.

Indoor Plant Styling Tips

Create Focal Points

Adding a large statement plant as a focal point will elevate any interior plant display. To maximise their impact, choose a prominent position such as a corner, entryway or beside furniture. Some of our favourite statement plants are Fiddle Leaf Fig and Bird of Paradise.

Adding Height

Utilise plant stands and shelving to create height with your indoor plants. This not only maximises space, but also draws the eye upwards, making the room feel larger and adding a different dimension to your styling. Trailing plants work well on those higher shelves, and statement plants such as ZZs look fantastic in plant stands.

Lush Grouping

Cluster indoor plants in groups of three or more for a styled look. Try out different combinations with height and colour to achieve your desired result. We recommend grouping in odd numbers, and adding complementary planters for the ultimate cohesive vibe. One of our favourite houseplant trios is Maidenhair Fern, Birdsnest Asplenium and Blue Star Fern.

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