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07 Feb, 2023

Treat your garden to quality mixes and fertilisers that won't break the bank. We have perfected the formula of our Kings branded mixes and fertilisers for over 20 years for guaranteed success. Here is a list of our most popular and high performing products to keep your garden thriving all year round.

Slow-release Fertiliser

Our slow-release fertilisers are perfect for gardeners who have little time on their hands. The best thing about slow-release fertilisers is that you only need to apply them once every three months to two years (depending on the plant).

Kings Citrus Food

Kings citrus food feeds plants for up to three months and is specially formulated for citrus and most other fruit trees. Promoting healthy growth and fruiting is perfect for dwarf fruit trees in pots and large containers. N.P.K - 15:2:6 + Trace Elements.

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Kings 24+

Slowly releases essential nutrients to plants over two years. Use when planting fruit trees, grasses, and native and exotic trees and shrubs. Sprinkle into the dug hole along with your plant before backfilling. It can also be used on existing plants, simply sprinkle as per instructions on the packet around the drip line, gently working it into the soil, or pressing them in. Water in well after applying. N.P.K - 7:7:9

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Kings Rose Food

Kings Rose Food feeds plants for up to three months and is specially formulated for roses. It promotes healthy, strong growth and encourages better flowering. Also can be used for frangipanis once a year. NPK - 15:2:6 + 1.5 Magnesium + Trace Elements.

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Kings Bulb Food

Kings Bulb Food fertilises plants for up to three months. It is specially formulated for bulbs, partly coated with a mini-granular fertiliser containing a good balance of phosphorus and potassium, required for both flower and bulb development. Sprinkle a little around on the ground when new bulbs sprout or when older bulbs finish flowering and start to die back.

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Kings Orchid Food

Kings Orchid Food fertilises plants for up to nine months. This provides both short and long term granular feeding. It is a specially formulated fertiliser for the nutrient requirements for all orchid plants. Feed in spring. N-P-K 17- 3- 9 + 1.2 Magnesium + Trace Elements.

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Kings Houseplant Food

Kings slow-release House Plant Food fertilises plants for up to six months. It promotes the healthy growth of all foliage whilst it enhances the colour of flowers. 16N + 2P + 10K + 1 Magnesium + Trace Elements.

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Kings Azalea, Camellia, Gardenia and Rhododendron Food

Feeds plants for up to three months. It is a specially formulated fertiliser for the nutrient requirements for all azalea, camellia, and tropical varieties such as rhododendron, gardenia and daphne, and acid-loving plants. Promotes healthy foliage growth and enhances the colour of flowers. It is enriched with sulphur to acidify the soil, iron to promote dark green leaves and potassium for beautiful flowers. 13N + 1.5P + 7K + 2Mg + Trace Elements.

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Kings Pot Recharger

A highly effective and complete plant food bringing colour, vigour, and health to all your indoor and outdoor container plants, pots, tubs and baskets. Provides a balanced nutrient supply for three to four months. It contains extra iron, which promotes rich, healthy and strong foliage. Sprinkle the recommended amount evenly over the surface of the soil, taking care to avoid contact with the plant. N21 : P2.1: K4.9 : MG1.3 plus TE including 6% Iron.

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Kings Garden Booster

Use to promote greener, stronger, and healthier plants. Kings Garden Booster also enhances fruit and vegetable production, along with bigger and bolder flower displays. It contains all the NPK and essential micronutrients for three to four months. Avoid using on proteas, leucadendrons and Australian Natives. Sprinkle the recommended amount evenly over the given area or around each plant's 'drip line'. N14 : P6 : K11.6

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Liquid Fertiliser

Liquid fertilisers are fantastic because they are the fastest acting. These need to be measured out and diluted with water before applying around the root zone of your plant. However, they do need to be applied more often than granular and slow-release fertilisers. Perfect for heavy feeders.

Kings Houseplant Liquid Food

A complete plant food that provides the necessary nutrients your house plants need to produce healthy foliage and vibrant flowers. N.P.K.5.4.11 - Also contains copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, iron, boron and molybdenum.

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Kings Tomato Liquid Food

This specially formulated liquid fertiliser is perfect for feeding tomatoes, peppers, chillies, eggplants, courgettes, and similar plants. It can be used on plants both in pots and in the ground. Kings Tomato liquid food contains rock potash, rock phosphate and seaweed extracts. Mix with water and pour on! See label on the packet for dilution rates. Where possible, avoid wetting the foliage. NPK 8:4:6 plus TE and M.

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Kings Fast Food

Kings Fast Food is an ideal liquid fertiliser for all indoor and outdoor plants, including trees, shrubs, vegetables, ferns, palms, flowering plants and houseplants. It is also perfect for containers and pot plants. Use on the vegetable garden throughout the hot summer months for optimum results. Boosts growth on young plants. N9 : P4 : K5

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Granular Fertiliser

Our granular fertilisers are best used in raised beds or the garden rather than in pots and containers. These can be applied around the root zone of plants and then watered in deeply. Available in small to large bags, they can be used on both small backyard lots or large lifestyle blocks.

Dried Blood

Kings Dried Blood is an excellent organic plant food for polyanthus, primulas and pansies. Releases iron which promotes flowering, and 14% nitrogen for leafy vegetable crops. Fast-acting organic plant food.

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Kings Blood and Bone

An organic plant food rich in Nitrogen and Phosphorus promotes leaf and stem growth and root development—an excellent and safe to use plant food for vegetable crops, shrubs and all trees. A medium to long term natural fertiliser, Kings Blood and Bone improves soil structure and promotes earthworm and micro-organism activity in the soil.

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Kings Rose Food

Kings Rose Food enhances roses' colour and scent, containing iron to promote perfection in blooms. Roses are big feeders, so feed in late August and again in December for continuous flowering throughout summer.

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Kings Fruit and Flower Booster

Enhances colour and fragrance in flowers and improves the flavour in fruit. Kings Fruit and Flower Booster strengthens and hardens plants after rapid growth and increases resistance against disease. Apply during the fruiting stage of tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, etc.

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Kings Potato Food

Kings Potato Food is formulated for growing root crops, including potatoes, kumara, yams, carrots and parsnip. It helps to increase crop yield and improves the flavour.

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Kings Bulb Food

Kings Bulb Food is a specially formulated fertiliser that encourages bulb development and promotes the colour and fragrance of flowers. Apply lightly when planting the bulbs, and then in later years, apply as plants finish flowering.

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Kings Citrus and Free Tree Fertiliser

A specially formulated fertiliser for the nutrient requirements for all fruit trees. Kings Citrus and Fruit Tree Fertiliser improves fruit's taste, colour, and size, promoting growth and healthy green foliage. Feed every six months in spring and autumn.

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Kings mixes have been specially formulated with our own choice of ingredients for the perfect medium to plant and grow your plants in. Not all are made the same, so read more to determine the best mix for you.

Kings Organic Compost

Taken from Auckland's green waste bins, Kings Organic Compost is made from organic plant material that has been thoroughly composted that can be used to help revitalise the soil and enhance the growth of plants. Building healthy soil with Kings Organic Compost ensures steady but strong plant growth. Incorporate the compost along with your original garden soil to help improve soil structure for better drainage and improve plants root development whilst providing essential plant nutrients.

Kings Potting Mix

This mix has been formulated and trialled with a wide range of plants and is great to use when growing houseplants, patio plants, flowers and vegetables, bulbs, and strawberries. It contains peat, bark pumice and six months of slow-release fertiliser.

Kings Container Mix

This mix has been formulated and trialled with a wide range of plants and is great to use when growing trees and shrubs, citrus, roses, hydrangeas, blueberries, plants in hanging baskets, and any edibles or ornamentals that prefer moist soil. Kings Container Mix contains peat, bark, pumice, six months of slow-release fertiliser, water crystals and wetting agents (for reduced watering).

Kings Houseplant Mix

An optimal planting mix choice for all indoor plants. It is a free-draining mix that contains slow-release fertiliser to promote optimal health and growing success for indoor plants.

Looking for more information on choosing mixes? Click here.


Here are some of our other most popular products which are highly recommended.

Kings Sheep Pellets

Kings Sheep pellets are a great organic fertiliser for all plants, trees and shrubs. Adding sheep pellets to your soil helps increase the earthworm population, improve soil structure and helps increase the water holding capacity of the soil. NPK - 4/2/6 + trace elements and minerals.

Lawn moss control

Use Kings Lawn Moss Control to combat moss in lawns. Also, a key component in all Kings fertiliser blends provides the nutrient iron, an essential trace element that improves flowering and fruit production.

Kings Organic Fertiliser

Natures Organic Fertiliser helps stimulate beneficial microbial activity in the soil and helps address many of the nutrient deficiencies common in New Zealand soils. It helps create healthy soil, grow healthy quality plants and increase fruit production while producing sweeter fruit.

It contains 70 essential plant minerals, vitamins, and natural growth hormones; it also increases beneficial soil life activity, builds organic soil carbon levels and soil structure, stimulates root growth, increases nitrogen fixation rates from the atmosphere, and solubilises phosphate reserves. Sprinkle one to two handfuls per square meter when preparing beds for planting and lightly fork in. When planting trees and shrubs, add to the dug hole before backfilling.

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