Brighten Up Your Garden With Winter Colour

14 Jun, 2023

Keeping your garden beautiful during winter may seem like a daunting task, but with a little creativity and the right plants, you can keep your outdoor space looking colourful all year round.

Adding a pop of colour to your winter garden is the easiest way to brighten up those dreary, cold days. From the enchanting fragrance of boronia with delicate bell-shaped blooms to the eye-catching nandina which changes colour as the temperature drops, there are so many options to suit any garden. Whether planted directly into your garden beds, or into pots on the deck, these winter favourites will create a beautiful display in your outdoor space, filling it with colour, structure and sweet fragrance.

Brown Boronia

Instore in August, brown boronias are small evergreen shrubs that flower from winter through spring. Their bell-shaped blooms will fill your garden with delightful fragrance.


Also known as ‘coral bells’, these evergreen perennials have vibrant leaves in a range of stunning colours. Their nickname comes from their small, sweet flowers hung like bells on each flower stalk.


Often known as ‘heavenly bamboo’, nandina are evergreen shrubs with striking, colourful foliage. As the temperature cools, many varieties, such as ‘firepower’, darken in colour to a deep red.


Nicknamed ‘winter roses’, hellebores provide a stunning display of flowers in a shaded winter garden and make a great food source for bees during the colder months. They look spectacular when planted under deciduous trees.


Perfect for a beginner gardener, cyclamen are easy to care for and grow well in shaded areas of the garden or home. When the temperature drops, the cyclamen are triggered to bloom, filling your garden with stunning red, white, pink, and purple blooms.

Viburnum Eve Price

With thick foliage and white and off-pink flowers, viburnum Eve Price makes a gorgeous addition to your winter garden. Instore from June, these evergreen shrubs will fill your outdoor space with their sweet perfume.

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