Bring your Office to Life with Indoor Plants

18 Mar, 2022

It's time to spruce up those workspace vibes. Whether you're in a traditional office setup, a shared workspace, or a mix of both, adding some indoor plants can bring new life to the room. Not only do they purify the air, reduce stress, and boost productivity, but they also bring a touch of nature to your 9-to-5. So let's liven up the office, add some green to your workday, and make that workspace feel like home.

Here's a list of our favourite plants for your office:

Our Top Picks:

Snake Plant

Sansevieria can add style and warmth to your office. Also known as the snake plant, the sansevieria is one of the hardiest plants we sell, needing very little water each month and dim to bright natural sun. Available in small and large varieties with different patterns and colours, there is one to suit any style. They look great in desk corners, on bookshelves, or even in the corner of a room.

Moth Orchid

A fantastic gifting plant, moth orchids are prized for their low maintenance and long flowering periods. Add some colour to your office with a stylish moth orchid. They look great next to the computer or on a coffee table, any position without direct sunlight.


Dracaena are available in a wide range of varieties. Many have a lush array of palm-like leaves on top of thin, elegant canes. These plants can withstand low to high natural light – but are best out of direct sunlight. They can withstand less watering than other general houseplants and need little extra maintenance, making them the perfect addition to your office.

Peace Lily

Incredibly easy-care, provided you keep them out of direct sunlight. Peace lilies help remove toxins and oxygenate the air and look great in any office. They grow best in bright indirect light, though they will tolerate darker conditions. Peace lilies are perfect for softening up rooms and are very tidy even when in bloom.


Easy-care, tough, and gorgeous, anthuriums grow well in an area out of direct sunlight. Anthuriums come in a range of wonderful colours and are ideal for adding a splash of colour to your office. They prefer bright, indirect light and rarely needs repotting, perfect for any busy professional.

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas, more commonly known as the ZZ plant is a great choice for the corner of your office. With lush green leaves that reflect light, this houseplant not only looks beautiful, but it is also relatively undemanding. ZZ Plants need minimal watering each month and grow well in dim to bright natural light.

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