Celebrating the Beauty of Lavender

18 Sep, 2023

From its timeless appeal to its captivating aroma, it’s no surprise that lavender is a favourite among Auckland gardeners. This stunning perennial effortlessly adds elegance to any garden style, be it a classic cottage garden or a modern landscape.

With its hardy and drought-tolerant nature, lavender is well-suited to Auckland’s traditionally dry summers. However, despite its preference for drier conditions – this versatile plant can handle wetter climates like we experienced last summer. While it usually blooms in spring and summer, certain varieties of English and French lavenders surprise us with year-round flowers, especially in the Auckland north region. Loved by both bees and gardeners for its fragrant blooms, lavender will make a brilliant addition to your backyard, attracting these buzzing pollinators.

Spanish lavender, with its adorable bunny ear flowers, follows the seasons more closely than its hardier cousins. A hard autumn prune after its final flowering keeps it looking neat and tidy. The French and English lavenders require less care but appreciate a tidy in autumn, even when they're still blooming. English lavender is most commonly used for culinary purposes and is what the ‘true’ lavender fragrance and oil is derived from.

When it comes to growing lavender, it’s quite easy once established. As long as you avoid wet roots and provide some seasonal pruning, your lavender will reward you with beautiful blooms. They don’t like having wet feet, so be sure to plant them in well-draining soil and a sunny spot!

Make sure to include a little seasonal pruning in your routine. Remove fading flowers and trim back about a third in late summer, and they'll reward you with their blooming beauty.

Top Varieties

Need help choosing the right lavender? Ask one of our expert team instore, or consider one of our favourites:


Also known as ‘bunny ears’, Major is one of the most popular lavender varieties in New Zealand. This Spanish lavender’s flowers have distinctive bracts on the top of their fluffy buds, resembling bunny ears, hence the origin of
its name.

Grows to 60cm x 60cm.


Known as ‘French lavender’, Dentata has small ‘toothed’ leaves, ideal for a garden border or small hedge. Its upright flower spikes, crowned with tufts of white and pale purple petals, add a vertical element to its visual appeal.

Grows to 60cm x 60cm.

The Princess

This long-flowering lavender is popular for its vivid colour with deep pink ‘bunny ear’ flowers contrasting against its grey-green foliage. Flowering from mid-spring to mid-autumn, Lavender the Princess has a delightful aroma when cut.

Grows to 70cm x 70cm.

Ghostly Princess

Ghostly Princess stands out with its captivating silvery foliage, contrasting with delicate dusty pink flowers. This lavender variety not only offers visual allure but also boasts an extended flowering period, from late winter through spring.

Grows to 70cm x 70cm.

The Queen - New release

A showstopper in the garden, The Queen is known for its two-toned blooms, with deep burgundy heads topped with lilac bracts that transform to a deeper pink as they mature. This lavender variety offers a striking floral display and a soothing, fragrant aroma.

Grows to 60cm x 90cm.

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